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Protect yourself from predatory lenders

Laws That Protect Consumers Various federal laws help protect consumers from particular predatory lending practices. The Truth in Lending Act, for example, requires lenders to provide timely information about loan terms and costs. The law gives consumers the right to cancel a home equity loan and certain other loans secured by a home up to […]

Predatory Lending

What is Predatory Lending A predatory home loan is typically a home equity loan or mortgage refinancing at a steep cost with no consideration to the homeowner’s ability to repay. There is no precise definition of a predatory loan, although many experts agree that it is the result of a company misleading and sometimes coercing […]

10 questions to ask your mortgage lender

Once you have selected your lender, you need to ask him/her these 10 important questions: 1. What is the interest rate on this mortgage? 2. How many discount and origination points will I pay? 3. What are the closing costs? 4. When can I lock the interest rate and what will it cost me to […]

Is home ownership right for you?

Is home ownership right for you? Home ownership is a common goal among most American consumers. It is the biggest financial decision that most people will ever make, and could turn out to be the biggest mistake if the timing and conditions are not right. Is purchasing a home right for you? The following are […]

Pre-qualified vs. pre approved 

Getting pre-qualified is not the same as getting pre-approved. Pre-qualification is simply a review of your finances where pre-approval is based on your actual income, debt and credit history. Often lending institutions will pre-qualify you for a mortgage that is much more than you can realistically and comfortably afford. Many people make the mistake of […]

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