First-time homebuyers

First-time Homebuyers – where to begin Becoming familiar with the varied steps and requirements of the home-buying process will help you feel much more confident with your big decision. Get your finances in order By this point you should already have a spending plan in place, if not, you’ll need one to see if a […]

Can I buy a house with bad credit?

  If you have bad credit, qualifying for a mortgage is going to be difficult. In fact, lenders won’t even consider you if your score is below 620. Most lenders are looking for a score above 650, some closer to 680. People who have a 650-660 score are considered low risk, meaning they tend not […]

Pre-qualified vs. pre approved 

Getting pre-qualified is not the same as getting pre-approved. Pre-qualification is simply a review of your finances where pre-approval is based on your actual income, debt and credit history. Often lending institutions will pre-qualify you for a mortgage that is much more than you can realistically and comfortably afford. Many people make the mistake of […]

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